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The Museum of My Life

Over there are all the drugs I have taken,
That burned out white Corsa is the first car I ever stole,
This is the book of all the crimes I have committed,
These are the people who have stuck by me,
And those are the people who have been affected by my crimes,
That is my first jail,
These are the years I have spent inside,
There is the gate,
And over there is the new me.

Dean Hudson


The colour of a dark past
The colour of bruises recent and faded
The colour of a classroom with an evil truth
And the colour of a uniform from which I wanted to escape.

The colour of my care home door I entered aged  eleven
The colour of the first stolen car aged twelve
The colour of the jumper I wore to court
And the colour of the paint I used in my punishment.

The colour of the condom packet, one I didn’t use
The colour of the dreaded word on the pregnancy test.
The colour of the clothes for my unborn baby
And the colour of the notes when I got a refund.

The colour of my second baby when he was born
The colour of his coffin only 30 cm long
The colour of the flowers on top of his grave
And the colour of the balloons we released.

The colour of the booze to take away the pain
The colour of the sweets I craved with my last pregnancy
The colour of the U.V light which my baby was put under
And the colour of the pram that took her home

The colour of “his” eyes when they looked at me with fear
The colour of the sky against his burning car
The colour of my trainers before they stained red with blood
And now the colour of my cell in D… H…


  • What prison staff and offenders say...

    This sense of achievement can encourage offenders to change direction on release and seek further education, steering away from crime

    Jill Lewis
    Head of Offender Management, HMP Bedford
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