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A WIPF residency is an award-winning, unique service, guaranteeing high quality provision and thorough quality assurance.  Employing only highly qualified, dedicated professional writers with proven track records, a WIPF residency offers a bespoke brief, jointly designed specifically for your needs and those of your clients, including staff.  Our writer is there to deliver what you need, backed up by over two decades of experience from WIPF directors.

From the initial idea through its detailed development to recruitment, training, induction and ongoing support throughout the residency, WIPF gives you excellent value for money and outstanding results.  A WIPF creative arts residency works closely with staff and existing programmes to enhance delivery and improve results by using the arts as a refreshingly different alternative and complementary intervention.  For many it will a prove a life-changing experience.

Engaging with a WIPF residency raises self-esteem and self-confidence, teaches new skills from communication to working with others, and works with the most hard-to-reach participants, no matter what their educational level.  Within a robust, artistic discipline and using an extensive menu of arts activities, from creative writing to oral storytelling, drama, video, music and journalism etc it can open doors for anyone and is totally committed to inclusivity: everyone is capable of achieving.

A one year residency delivers 880 hours, including group work, one-to-one sessions, short courses and special projects.  Whilst following the outline brief, the writer is trained to be flexible, adapt to changing needs and respond to individuals rather than simply deliver a predetermined programme.  This is the secret of its success.

  • High quality provision and quality assurance
  • Tailor-made residency, designed to your needs, but with flexibility
  • Outstanding Value for Money
See Evaluations for an independent assessment of the quality of our work.  Go to Who We Are and What We Do for a more detailed look at our range of services.
Unfortunately due to current government cuts we will not be recruiting any new writers in residence during 2013.
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